Billie Eilish - Your Power (Live On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/2021)

Billie Eilish

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    1. rastaman rastaman

      The most discriminated ethnic group is Asian people in the USA. At first, White person makes racial discriminatory remarks against Asian people. At second, White person apologize to White people. At third, White people forgive White person without asking, although White people are not sufferers. They never mind Asian people's own will.

    2. rastaman rastaman

      You should imagine if Billie Eilish made racial discriminatory remarks against Black people. If Billie, she was 13/14 years, had said N-word against Black people, do you intend to speak in favor of Billie Eilish? If your daughter/sister/student said N-word against Black people, do you say "It is not problem. Because she is merely 13/14 years old child."? By the time he/she is 13/14 years old, most people living in the USA have already learned that they must avoid saying N-word against Black people. I wonder why they can't avoid saying "chink" although they can avoid saying N-word. I wonder why Billie's parents or brother didn't educate her to avoid saying "chink" against Asian people.

    3. Arif Harmadi Wicaksono

      Ah yes, so good, no anaconda here

      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    4. Theodore Pakkeman

      Billie Eilish

    5. lm sad all my life


      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    6. Ryan Chen 陳振皓

      her voice man, so perfect

      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    7. rastaman rastaman

      Although Billie Eilish made racial discriminatory remarks against Asian people,she criticized Donald Trump as if she was innocent. Billie Eilish is nothing but a hypocrite.

      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    8. AVA stone


      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni




    11. MannyShots S

      She legit is a gift from god 😩❤️ love u bill

      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    12. AMANDITA

      Billie you are an amazing woman what a beautiful voice 😩❣️

    13. lenny koss


      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    14. J.C w

      Billie has such a unique voice that it’s actually hard to believe she’s really singing even though she is, I don’t care about echo and reverb you can’t fake talent like that

      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    15. Fortuna

      1.5x TRY IT %100 VIBE CHECK

    16. Beyoncé Unity

      You sound like an Angel 👼🏼 love your voice so much ☁️ love this song so much 👼🏼🤍🤍🤍

      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    17. Stephanie Smith

      This beautiful collaboration between brother & sister is emotionally moving!❤️❤️

      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni


      Love youuuuu billie elish


        @Ashrafia jahan Aroni thank you

      2. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    19. Gril Men

      kötü söylemiş

      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    20. brenda᭄ᴅᴇ ᴍᴀᴛᴇᴏs

      Eres Perfecta y Unica 🥺❤️

      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    21. Duda


      1. Ashrafia jahan Aroni

    22. clara

      Waw bgd 💋🥰

    23. Alexа Ray

      Как же красиво ♥️

    24. Sol García

      Love all

    25. rastaman rastaman

      Billie Eilish has made racial discriminatory remarks against Asian people on Tiktok. Billie Eilish has said us(=Asian) “chink”. I am a Asian. I say “Yellow Lives Matter” to Billie Eilish who is a racist.

    26. Teeter totter

      She is a pathetic excuse I'm glad you was finally exposed for the fraud she is

    27. Robson Alves


    28. Lilra Arrow

    29. Billie  Eilish❤️❤️❤️

    30. Billie  Eilish❤️❤️❤️

    31. yuno69

      video was successfully disliked

    32. IT channel

      Wow, it’s interesting variation of the song 👍

    33. ̨حۡــڛۜــۈنۨــۑْۧH HD

      I love you gorgeous

    34. Elvis_❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥

      omg…its very very good🥺❤️❤️

    35. امل اسعد

      I love youuuuuuuu❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💗💗😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩🙄😩

    36. امل اسعد

      I love you so muchhhhh

    37. sabriye ozan

      If I dye my hair any other than green, it's not me. ~billie eillish

    38. Angeli Baquedano


    39. Angeli Baquedano


    40. Angeli Baquedano


    41. Angeli Baquedano

      I love you

    42. Angeli Baquedano

      Donde estas?

    43. Angeli Baquedano

      Donde estas?

    44. Angeli Baquedano

      Donde estas?

    45. Angeli Baquedano

      Esa es la frontera de united stastes?

    46. Angeli Baquedano

      Esa es la Frontera de ecuador? De Colombia?

    47. Angeli Baquedano


    48. Xudoyberdiyev Malik


    49. BL4ZE


    50. leon fashion .

    51. Kashanie Lagrotta

      This was a better video than the official video

    52. Jubilant Words

      This is how siblings should actually behave.



    54. KSA90 Almarii

      Пгкек сукна🥲🖤

    55. zeynep demir

      İ love you.....BİLLİE😔😞

    56. Kaseyfullofjoy

      Brave of Finneas to bake out there in the sun for his sister like that, the ginge.

    57. Kaili Nichols

      I know you probably will not respond.. But I wanted to say I love your music!🤍 You inspire me so much. It was so sad I was going to go to your concert for my birthday thats when it got canceled because of Covid-19, that was like one of the saddest moments in my life.. but that still does not keep me away from loving you and your Music! I have 2 posters in my room of you and a hoodie and a notebook, and I’m still collecting your merchandise! I am a 10 year old girl who can’t stop listening to your music! I hope to have a little bit of you when I grow up! I mean you should hear me in the shower singing your songs!🔥my favorite song of yours is probably “Lovley” not just because Khalid is in it you rocked it! I hope to someday meet you! Thank you for being an amazing influencer!🌿 I know lots of people say.. “I’m a huge fan” and they can be, but me I count myself as a really big fan!🧸 you do you and don’t let people make you how they want or act how they want just be you! If you do see this I will be so happy and I’ll freak out! But it’s okay if you don’t.. I’ll just hope you read it and move on with singing your songs for the day! If you do see this and do take the time to read it thank you! Have a great day or night or even afternoon Billie!🙃

    58. Nova

      ok i’ve been like way too obsessed w billie for a few years now but can we all sores i ate how insane her vibrato is

    59. Vania Martínez Carrillo


    60. Mikayıl Ağayev

      *XXXTENTACION 👑💔😖*

    61. Mister Buttersworth

      That acoustic guitar sounds amazing

    62. Elif Nalbant

      Seni tanıyamıyorum artık neyse yakışmış

    63. CemCelin_petitosu

      if i dye my hair any color other than green it's not me~Billie Eilish

    64. CemCelin_petitosu

      if i dye my hair any color other than green it's not me~Billie Eilish

    65. Bren Ndy

      Saya suka

    66. Maryam Mafi

      What is the name of this song?🙃

    67. zhraa Star

      Love you billie

    68. KurtOnRoblox

      god died for us for a reason we are not born to be rich and famous

    69. YangHaram CumaBabi

      Like a android 12 theme😁

    70. Nahiara Floroff


    71. Steven Gallo

      Imagining her voice…… close your eyes and think of a pure silk scarf being gently moved over polished marble.

    72. Logy Kooky

      I love you Billie Eilish

    73. Genesis Lopez

      Why is she so damn pretty and perfect?

    74. Sabrina Rosa Russo

      Billie you’re strong 💜💜

    75. CJ Biggar

      Wicked song I love it 👌🔥🔥🔥 you both are amazing together !!!!

    76. Olga Shtroise

      Минимализм во всей его красоте!

    77. Hiba wissam Sam

      GG 😮👿

    78. S I S S Y - X X X

      she sings crying and suffering... it makes her want to get emotional😥😐😭💔💔💔💔💔❤❤❤💘

    79. the Potato

      1 month later still here ❤️❤️❤️

    80. Anime Mix TV😊👋

    81. Philip Blom

      The Carpenters 2.0😍


      I'm just so sad because I can't sing. It never bothered me before, but I really want to be able to sing this song🥺🥺🥺 My vocals aren't good 😩

      1. Jonathan

        you can learn with practice you'll become better :)

    83. Sam Aarón Flores


    84. Saike zone

    85. + LisaGacha +

      BUT NOT YOU!

    86. Filip Dunka

      pov: say it for a while because it's boring

    87. Mr. Magic

      💖💖💖💖💖 EVERYTHING💖💖💖💖

    88. Tuana Tuana

      I miss old billie

    89. narges knd


    90. smarty tarty

      Now this talent

    91. aarchlorv


    92. Alexander Kofsky

      Definitely some Alice Phoebe Lou influence in the vocals

    93. Eduarda Lira

      I love you Billie

    94. kathe Z

      WoW Your power que inspiración que me dejaste con el titulo Billie ( TRADUSCAN EL MENSAJE)

    95. André Lobo

      Try not to abuse your power I know we didn't choose to change You might not wanna lose your power But having it's so strange She said you were a hero, you played the part But you ruined her in a year, don't act like it was hard And you swear you didn't know (didn't know) No wonder why you didn't ask She was sleeping in your clothes (in your clothes) But now she's got to get to class How dare you? And how could you? Will you only feel bad when they find out? If you could take it all back, would you? Try not to abuse your power I know we didn't choose to change You might not wanna lose your power But having it's so strange I thought that I was special, you made me feel Like it was my fault you were the devil, lost your appeal Does it keep you in control? (In control) For you to keep her in a cage? And you swear you didn't know (didn't know) You said you thought she was your age How dare you? And how could you? Will you only feel bad if it turns out That they kill your contract? Would you? Try not to abuse your power I know we didn't choose to change You might not wanna lose your power But power isn't pain

    96. Anni

      this came from the store on the radio and totally I started dancing between the store shelves

    97. Sevilay Alacaoglu

      LOVE YOUUU!🤗❤️❤️

    98. Diana Ilea

      This song gives me a feeling I have never felt before

    99. moaaz mhmead

      I love billy my from eygpt💜

    100. ELLE

      ASIAN RACIST SINGER.Go to hell

      1. Cri ckets