Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Official Music Video)

Billie Eilish

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Therefore I Am. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


    1. rastaman rastaman

      Billie Eilish posted her excuse on Story of Instagram. It is going to be remove automatically after 24 hours past. After it is removed, nobody can read it. It suggests that Billie Eilish won't leave her own mistake on record and we Asian people can't consider that she is sincere. Furthermore, it was not clear that to whom she apologized in her statement. We Asian people hoped that Billie Eilish would admit what she had done to whom. If Billie Eilish really think that it was her own mistake, she should face it without running away. But Billie Eilish won't. I think that Billie Eilish is spoiled by herself. We Asian people can't trust her words that she protest against racial discrimination.

    2. Mr. Nasus


    3. rastaman rastaman

      The most discriminated ethnic group is Asian people in the USA. At first, White person makes racial discriminatory remarks against Asian people. At second, White person apologize to White people. At third, White people forgive White person without asking, although White people are not sufferers. They never mind Asian people's own will.

    4. Kare&Rose

      I'm leaving a comment here just when someone likes it it reminds me of the song

    5. rastaman rastaman

      You should imagine if Billie Eilish made racial discriminatory remarks against Black people. If Billie, she was 13/14 years, had said N-word against Black people, do you intend to speak in favor of Billie Eilish? If your daughter/sister/student said N-word against Black people, do you say "It is not problem. Because she is merely 13/14 years old child."? By the time he/she is 13/14 years old, most people living in the USA have already learned that they must avoid saying N-word against Black people. I wonder why they can't avoid saying "chink" although they can avoid saying N-word. I wonder why Billie's parents or brother didn't educate her to avoid saying "chink" against Asian people.

    6. Hoshi Store

      I - l o v e - i t

    7. Brooklyn Ramson

      4:03 sounds like ashnikko ngl

    8. Виктория Медюкова

      I think she likes free food. )))

    9. Ανδρέας Κατσιμπέρης


    10. Ingrid Kauanne Sousa De freitas

      Gente não tem como eu falar que eu não gosto dessa garota gente olha essa perfeição olha esse cabelo olha esse bebê gente essa menina e uma princesa.

    11. مرام العمري

      العربين اثبتوا وجودكم

    12. Chris Dunavan

      I'm just the Anti. Christ of the Anti. Christ.. Type if sin.. Damn these medications.....

    13. Barbara Moore

      You adopt Justin in Minecraft

    14. Barbara Moore

      I like Billie eilish I like Billie eilish I like Billie eilish I'm a biggest fan of you I'm six years old and my name is deathly Kaliq

    15. Snow Ball And Friends

      She sounds good without whispering

    16. Barbara Moore

      Billie eilish I like your videos and I saw you on the wakey boss use adopt Justin

    17. Yara Tarif

      I love your nails

    18. Megan Miller

      I met her in real life

      1. Chris I


    19. La-Belle-Yasmina💞💟💋


    20. Tia Leb


      1. Tia Leb


      2. Tia Leb


    21. Dayanna Fallas

      I love you billie

    22. ₖcₕₐ ₛₕₐ

      I love you so much billie eilish 🥺💞

    23. Itzel Guadalupe Osorno Ramirez

      ❤❤❤ love

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    25. mpo101 ;P

      Billie: I'm not your friend Me: but I want to be your friend 😩 it's okay, I understand

    26. anti

      Bro this was 7monthe ago😪

    27. Gleb Vinokurov

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    28. Lana Marad

      Free food and in a mall my dreammmm

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      She’s hiding some cake under that sweater! 😏😏😏😏😏😏😜

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      She is so cute 😣🥰

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      Eu tiamooo

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    33. minh khuê nguyễn

      the subtitles are kinda messed up though

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      Cool awesom girl you are 😍

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      1. يــلـيـنـا 🌚✋🏻

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    40. ليا ٠

      يلينا حفضتة عالبنترست وبعد مدري🤡💔

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      5. ليا ٠

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    56. ♕Louu~ryyyTaa♕∆∆♡{ cuuuuTaa} ♡

      I liked the way of photographing this clip is distinct and unique than others 😂😂Heh Angel that Billy takes and the photographer cry

    57. Laila Belle

      I’d definitely be running around a mall stealing food if I could too. I’m jelly

    58. ليا

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      1. يَــلـينا يَـيغـر

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    60. يَــلـينا يَـيغـر


    61. Christelle VIDIANI

      " I'm not your FRIEND... I take the FOUR, I AIM ( je vise)" ? = Ich bin nicht deine FREUNDIN... Ich nehme VIER Sache und VERZEHRE ( et dévore) ?

    62. Calypso 7w7 motivation

      Think she just slipped while walking 😭🖐

    63. Calypso 7w7 motivation

      The camera man is not her friend huh-

    64. ~🐺wolffie Ash🌟~

      Emmm you have to waer playboy shirt thats make you cool Who with me wolf

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    67. kirisaki :3

      Billie:*goes to chipole* Me:ChAPoLe IS Mah LifE

    68. Dusty Rose

      I greatly appreciate this camera man.

    69. Brenda Hernandez

      Billie Eilish looks beautiful the way it is

    70. rastaman rastaman

      Although Billie Eilish made racial discriminatory remarks against Asian people,she criticized Donald Trump as if she was innocent. Billie Eilish is nothing but a hypocrite.

    71. Hargun Kaur

      Hi Billie Eilish you are so beautiful 👍👍

    72. gamzee makara- ;-;

      0:30 me at the park/playground thinking im a baddie

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    74. GROOVER

    75. Vivian marquez



      Billie:I am not your friend or anything dam Cameraman:ok peace


      1 Year 💠



    79. charlie d,amelio

      Omg i love Billie!

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    81. Antuaneth Leonela Risco Celiz


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    84. maya world

      i love your music omg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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      Amo la veo siempre en mtv

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      I love that now I know running away Is a valid action! Fucj yall! Gbye

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      Toda tu música es arte Billie te amo mi bebé ❤️

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      Billie you were fire

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      I Love Billie Eilish

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      Looks like Billie haven’t ate in a week 😶‍🌫️😬

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      No loud voice 😃😃😃😘

    94. Billie eilish fan 69

      In 2017: im so bored Now:シ

    95. Eric Smith

      I never thought being a kleptomaniac would be her strange addiction! LOL

    96. Ok Whatever

      She's just tooooo much cuteee

    97. Toti Maki

      4:26 Yo creyendo q no le iba a abrir la puerta y se re moría pero m di cuenta q era un super de Estados Unidos no Argentina ajjsja acá son automáticas xd